Custom solutions were once out of reach for most training budgets, but with RSC's custom simulation solutions, real-time simulation has never been so affordable.

When it comes to Light Rail & Vehicle Training Systems, “one size does not fit all”. At RSC, we believe that required training solutions are as diverse as the customers we serve. Our light rail solutions range from mixed signaling systems; to specific stations; to grade, curve, and yard challenges.  Additionally, our vehicle solutions may encompass light lobe rendering, lighting realism, shadows and the ability to scale performance and quality.   In every case, our customers face particular sets of requirements that call for solutions that we may tailor to fit their needs.  

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Our Approach begins by understanding your training objectives:

  • What is your anticipated student throughput?
  • Do you have a current training program into which we can integrate simulator training solutions?
  • Is it time to revamp your entire curriculum?
  • How can we help you measure your return on investment for training investment?
  • Are there particular stations that historically pose unusual challenges?
  • Do you need help with training to manage dwell time, speed management, and other safety and time management issues?
  • Do you have a fault-training requirement?
  • How are you training for the ADA?
  • What types of cars do you operate in your system and how are they configured?
  • Mixed traffic? Dedicated right-of-way? Subways or tunnels?
  • Do you have inclimate weather and seasonal issues that create safety concerns?


These are just a few of the topics we discuss to better understand your individual training needs. With that, RSC develops a set of Learning Objectives subject to your organization’s approval and maps these objectives into appropriate training media. These may include:

  • Desktop simulator based training (part task training systems)
  • CBT training material with video, animation, or simulation
  • Full mission simulators



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Custom Simulation Solutions

RSC delivers custom, yet affordable training solutions by using a set of tools designed to rapidly build simulation and CBT solutions. Our custom solutions allow us to provide exact replicas of your environment, or subsets of your environment that complement your curriculum.

Our simulation engine is the first cross-platform OpenGL3 modern rendering and simulation pipeline for rapidly developing complete training simulators. We bring highly-threaded, multi-node, clustered rendering technologies to your rail simulation project  in an easy-to-use, scalable, extensible, and screamingly fast engine. We combine unprecedented scene realism, 1000s of live dynamic lights, multiple active shadow casters, a pixel-accurate sky dome, ephemeris, and weather model, with a diverse set of post-processing visual effects.

We also provide an integrated positional audio engine, and physics integration. All the simulation entities are scriptable when you need the ultimate in speed and accuracy. In addition, the simulation engine has a highly optimized networking layer, but also includes open standards to ensure integration with complementary or legacy systems. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Just a few of the possible features enabled by our solutions:

  • Complete curriculum support.
  • Integrated curriculum support.
  • Complete geo-specific stations, fixed and rolling stock.
  • Scenario-based subsets of stations, fixed stock, and specific rolling stock.
  • Geo-typical fixed stock (grades and curves).
  • Special training effects including leaves on track, new rain, ice on catenaries
  • Night operations with high-fidelity lighting, glare, and shadow effects
  • Passenger loading and unloading
  • Fault training
  • Distributed training, instructor led, self paced, and mixed.


Our simulation engine generates simulations that can run on off-the-shelf PC hardware minimizing your cost of ownership:

  • OpenGL3 graphics
  • Standard TCP networking with easily extensible protocols. Arbitrary numbers of IGs in a cluster.
  • Hardware Graphics Sync
  • C++, multi-threaded core
  • Python scripting
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Contact Us

Our staff is available to discuss possibilities for training solutions to fulfill your program requirements.  We are excited to hear from you and look forward to working together.

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