RSC provides enhanced geospatial data and database production services for physics-based virtual and constructive synthetic environments.

Geospatial Data Production Brochure

What can we do for you?

Large-scale visual and constructive terrain databases.

RSC is capable of delivering a full range or terrain databases, form urban environments to large-scale terrains, in a variety of visual, sensor, and SAF Formats.



High-fidelity 3D modeling for simulation applications.

Our team of talented modelers constructs highly detailed and realistic 3D models with the necessary structure and attribution for real-time visual, sensor, & SAF simulations.



Realistic and accurate night scenes and data layers.

RSC has extensive experience in creating correlated datasets for high-fidelity realistic night scenes for visual and NVG simulation and stimulation.



Physics-based sensor simulation data layers.

RSC specializes in the construction of correlated multi-resolution raster and vector datasets containing physically-based descriptions of scene content for more realistic and accurate sensor simulation.


Why choose RSC Geospatial Simulation services?

We apply physics-based rigor and expertise to develop physically accurate simulation datasets and databases for a variety of visual, sensor, or constructive applications.

Details on RSC Geospatial Simulation Services

RSC offers data products and related services specializing in high-fidelity real-time visual and sensor simulation pipelines.  We have a proven track record for providing low-cost rapid development of correlated visual, sensor, and SAF databases for numerous M&S applications.  Our expert services include the sourcing of commercial and government data and the production and integration of large-area refined geospatial datasets, especially those targeting physics-based virtual and constructive synthetic environments.

In addition, our experienced 3D modelers, GIS specialists, and simulation engineers have extensive knowledge of simulation standards, GIS formats, and physics-based processes that are necessary to meet the stringent requirements of synthetic environments for Real-Time M&S  applications.  Unlike other visual terrains used in M&S applications, RSC consistently applies physics-based rigor in developing the synthetic environment to provide realistic lighting (day and night), atmospherics, shadows, and high-dynamic range rendering.

Our practiced DOD data development also ensures that our datasets will meet associated DOD deliverable compliance requirements.  Our DOD customers rely on our experience in the development and demonstration of common training and mission rehearsal visualization technologies.  From these technologies, RSC also authors and demonstrates key elements of published geospatial data and metadata standards such as NPSI (NAVAIR Portable Source Initiative).  RSC’s continuing support of federal data production and archival programs facilitates sourcing and aggregation of US government data sources ensuring best value data delivery to simulation programs.

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