Tactical Evaluation of Analytical Measurements (TEAMWorks) provides a complete solution for the collection and analysis of real-time performance data during live and simulated training events to enhance decision-making and training effectiveness.


  Activity monitoring for events that are not directly in an instructor’s line-of-sight.

  Robust and efficient management and monitoring of training for all students, simultaneously, in fast-paced, multi-player exercises.

  Data acquisition in real-time for timely and detailed tactical evaluations.

  Broadens the available assessment tools by expanding data acquisition methods beyond the use of only observed behaviors and video camera feeds.

Why Choose TEAMWorks?

When live training is properly executed and coupled with TEAMWorks, it provides participants with experiences that may save their own lives as well as the lives of their teammates. By using non-intrusive monitoring capabilities, instructors can augment training programs to gain awareness and understanding of training variables that they could not measure before TEAMWorks. Additionally, measuring and storing team and individual performance data provides a basis for later research. Through analysis of the data acquired by TEAMWorks, instructors can finally gain a deeper understanding of the individual and team performance elements that make good performers and teams good, and great performers and teams great.


TEAMWORKS for Indoor Shoot House Training:

TEAMWORKS for MOUT Training:

Simulated Training

Easily integrate TEAMWorks into your existing training curriculum for improved results.

Utilize the robust data acquisition and presentation capabilities offered by TEAMWorks to gain the largest advantage in terms of enhanced decision-making and training effectiveness.

Elements of TEAMWorks

Application-Specific Instrumentation Packages: A-SIPs include technology that can be non- intrusively attached to the facility, trainees, instructors, and other entities. TEAMWorks uses the technology to accurately and efficiently acquire data. Instructor: Instructors provide a valuable element to training. TEAMWorks was developed to capture instructor observations, comments and evaluations as part of the training process. Instructors may record their feedback in real-time by the use of handheld devices during the training exercise.

Analytical Measurement System (AMS): AMS generates mathematical analyses and makes comparisons against objective standards which can be modified by customers. This element provides customers with a meaningful translation of the acquired data. Over time the AMS can build a record of statistical norms, variances and indications associated with mix of individual strengths that work best for creating exceptional teams.

Instructor Operating System (IOS): Instructors access the software via a laptop or desktop called an Instructor/Operator Station (IOS). The software is easy to navigate and allows the instructor to setup, run, and view post training exercise assessment data.

Tactical Evaluation Software (TES)/Tactical Evaluation Report (TER): The TES After- Action Review (AAR) allows Instructors to immediately replay a training exercise (or any stored exercise) in a DVD-like fashion: Starting, stopping, fast forwarding, reversing, and jumping to the “Event Marks” instructors injected into the data stream during the exercise. A TER may be presented to a student in written or electronic form. It includes administrative information such as where and when the training took place, the name of the instructor, and the name of the course. It also includes instructor-configurable assessment information.

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