SimHDR-EO provides real-time sensor device simulation and sensor-in-the-loop stimulation with High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDRR) for visual applications and Image Generators.

SimHDR-EO Brochure


Realistic NVG effects from natural and artificial lighting

SimHDR-EO accurately stimulates the NVG goggles for a wide variety of natural and artificial lighting effects with accurate gain response, scene contrast, and image luminance.



High-fidelity, natural illumination, & realistic atmospherics

SimHDR provides the most realistic atmospheric effects and illumination models for the highest possible fidelity and realism.



Physics-based, High-Dynamic Range Rendering

All SimHDR signature modeling is executed in floating point math and natural radiometric units providing full HDRR across your entire scene.


Why Choose SimHDR-EO?

SimHDR-EO provides the highest fidelity and most accurate physics-based NVG sensor simulation and stimulation capabilities on the market.


SimHDR-EO can be delivered in a variety of ways to meet your needs and budget constraints.

Easily integrate into your own visual application with the SimHDR-EO Software Development Kit (SDK).

Integrate SimHDR-EO into your own application using the SimHDR-EO SDK .

Use SimHDR-EO plug-in modules for existing supported visual applications and Image Generators (IGs).

SimHDR-EO can be delivered as a completely integrated plug-in module for multiple supported applications saving you time and resources while expanding your current visual display capabilities.

SimHDR-EO plug-in for GenesisIG by Diamond Visionics

SimHDR-EO plug-in for OpenSceneGraph (OSG)

Let us integrate SimHDR-EO into your visual application for you.

RSC provides experienced and talented engineers to work with you and your staff to integrate our capabilities into your visual application.



Product Details

SimHDR-EO includes all of the capabilities of SimHDR for rendering physically-accurate illumination, atmospherics, and cultural lighting with the added capabilities of rendering real-time EO and NVG sensor effects in your existing visual applications and Image Generators.    SimHDR-EO models physics-based radiance scenes into extremely realistic and radiometrically accurate sensor scene renderings and sensor stimulation of Night Vision Goggles.

SimHDR-EO combines signature predictions anchored in the physical sciences with the expanding power of commercial graphics hardware technologies to deliver complex GPU-based optical sensor simulations and stimulations in real-time.  SimHDR-EO implements the sensor transforms on the GPU that allows SimHDR-EO to generate sensor displays with greater pixel density and reduced latency as compared to traditional alternatives.   It can also be implemented and utilized on a standard 3-color projector or 4-color projectors (RGB & NIR) without the need for a second set of image generation software licenses or hardware.

SimHDR-EO’s open API and minimally-invasive GPU shader management technology provides portability to any existing OpenGL-based application.  The flexible architecture accommodates a wide range of applications from full-fidelity sensor training systems with multi-channel immersive visuals to desktop computer-based training applications.

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