Advanced COTS Tools for Sensor Modeling and Simulation Data Management & Translation

RSC offers a suite of advanced COTS simulation software products for a real-time sensor modeling and geospatial data translation and management for a variety of commercial and government M&S applications.


What Products do we Offer?



SimHDR for Physics-Based, Multispectral, High-Dynamic Range Rendering

Real-time multispectral radiative transfer model that provides high-dynamic range rendering capabilities to existing visualization applications.


SimHDR-EO for Accurate, Real-Time, NVG Simulation and Stimulation

Includes all of the SimHDR capability for rendering physically-accurate illumination, atmospherics, and cultural lighting and adds capabilities to render real-time EO and NVG sensor effects.


SimHDR-IR for Physics-Based Thermal Sensor Modeling

Includes all of the capabilities of SimHDR with the addition of a physics-based thermal model to render MWIR and LWIR sensor effects and phenomena across time-varying environmental and atmospheric conditions.


SimGDMS for Data Discovery, Database Management, & Data Translation for M&S Applications.

Simulation Geospatial Data Management System developed specifically for the Modeling and Simulation community to manage enterprise geospatial data assets for rapid discovery, retrieval, processing, distributed publishing, and 3D exploitation.

TEAMWorks Shoothouse

Tactical Evaluation of Analytical Measurements (TEAMWorks)

Provides a complete solution for the collection and analysis of real-time performance data during live and simulated training events to enhance decision-making and training effectiveness.


Why choose RSC products?

We leverage our experience and talents to provide innovative and cost-effective software products with an unparalleled commitment and focus to our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

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