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RSC Overview Brochure

Who is RSC?

We are a small technology and products company committed to excellence, agility, and a customer-oriented culture.  Our experienced and professional engineering staff are capable of delivering on a broad range of scientific R&D topics and engineering services for virtual training, mission rehearsal, physic-based sensor solutions, and big-data management & visualization.

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What Makes RSC Successful?

Talent, Passion, Focus, and most important, Teamwork.

We exercise our talents and strengths as a cohesive and collaborative team actively engaging one another in discovering solutions to achieve the goals of our customers. We are bold in our work, unafraid to act, and always reaching forward. We do this while following our vision and passion in persistent pursuit of our goals and satisfying our customers. We constantly strive for excellence in execution while remaining flexible and adaptable to new challenges and changing priorities.


Want to be a Part of Our Success?

RSC is continuously seeking talented software engineers and developers to join our team.  Our team members engage in exciting work creating synthetic environments, virtual training, and mission rehearsal solutions for a variety of Government and commercial applications.  If you’re motivated, creative, and have excellent communication skills, we invite you to submit your resume to

History of RSC

Renaissance Sciences Corporation (RSC) is headquartered in Chandler, AZ and began operations in 2004. We are best known as a services-based developer of government technology and commercial products. Initially most active in the physics-based sensor simulation and synthetic environment domains, RSC has since broadened its R&D and systems engineering offerings as a trusted agent in support of multi-agency clients across SOCOM, Army, Navy, Air Force, and DHS.

Today, RSC offers technologies and products to support virtual rehearsal and training, geospatial data cataloging and exploitation, and physics-based synthetic environments.

Some of our current RDT&E activities include:

  • Advanced physics-based sensor and environmental modeling
  • Data/protocol translators and application development
  • Human factors/human performance research
  • Enhanced night vision display technologies
  • Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) applications
  • Synthetic natural environments
  • Interoperability engineering
  • Instructor Operator Stations (IOS) development

RSC’s Subsidiary

Night Readiness

In 2006, RSC formed Night Readiness LLC as an outlet for the commercialization of its night operations training technologies and on the founding principle to bring training center fidelity down to classroom applications and costs. Night Readiness has deployed its simulation-based NVG instructional system, the Virtual Terrain BoardTM, to over 30 aircrew training facilities across DoD, DHS, domestic commercial markets, and international governments. The VTBTM 3.0 Training System is comprised of a series of Lessons, Scenes, and Flight Demonstrations which exceed all of the training objectives included in the US military services Night Vision Goggle (NVG) programs such as the Air Force Research Laboratory NVG Instructor Course and the US Navy / US Marine Corps NITE Lab program. In a VTB 3.0 classroom, a high performance, simulator-grade digital environment is interactively created and projected on a custom screen. Natural and cultural illumination, halos, gain, and atmospherics are combined to stimulate actual night vision goggles with levels of realism unequaled in traditional simulation devices. The resulting imagery, when viewed on the screen, appears as a visible and photo-realistic night scene. However, when viewing through night vision goggles, the student experiences an immersive night operational environment combining realistic NVG and look-under unaided viewing which provide the foundation for the efficient delivery of focused initial and refresher NVG training curriculum.

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