The Natural World is Not Displayed in 0-255 Values, Why Should Your Visual Display Be?

HighDynamic Range Rendering

Modern visual and sensor simulations often require the most realistic scene with the highest fidelity possible to meet the stringent training requirements. SimHDR expands your current visual application to a fully HighDynamic Range Rendering (HDRR) pipeline that provides significant advantages of traditional rendering approaches.


With SimHDR, a scene can be rendered with an extremely large contrast ratio while maintaining all of the details within the scene. In other words, bright things will be extremely bright, dark things will be extremely dark, and the details of elements in the scene remain visible in both. The high dynamic range rendering of SimHDR allows for the luminance and radiance (pixel intensity) values to extend beyond a [0…1] range with all of the computations done in true floating point values. Besides, nature is not confined to a [0…1] range so neither should your simulation environment!

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